2016 Iron Butt Challenge

In July 2016 I completed the Iron Butt Challenge: UK End to End to raise money for premature and sick new born baby charity Tiny Lives Trust. I completed the ride in 18 hours and 33 minutes

Iron Butt Challenge - UK end to end

You can watch the video of my Iron Butt ride here or below:

You can read about the day ride on my blog post: My butt is now made of iron

You can also read about my thoughts post ride: Looking back at my Butt

Summary - The Iron Butt Challenge is a grueling test of endurance, riding skills, and determination as  to ride the length of the UK, from Lands end to John O'Groats (874miles) in less than 24 hours.Officially 117 people have competed this challenge.

Total mileage - 1,800

Difficulty rating - High - Ultra long distance single day ride with over 1/3 on country roads. Time limit and major fatigue.

What the experts say - "Know your limits. If the longest ride you have ever taken is 300 miles in a day, don't plan a trip with a string of endless five- hundred mile days. Iron Butt Association surveys also warn of an important trend in long distance trip planning. Discounting weather or other problems; after an initial mileage peak on days one and two, daily average mileage will steadily drop during trip days three to seven. If the pros have this type of mileage attrition rate, would you plan on any less?" - Archive of Wisdom, Iron Butt Assosiation

Cost Rating - Low - Fuel + food.

Time needed - 3 days. 1 to Lands End, 1 to complete the challenge, 1 home from Scotland.

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  1. Gordon, you are always up for a challenge!
    Very brave if not slightly crazy - wishing you the very best of luck
    Stay Safe!!