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"Gordon Stuart (AKA The Arctic Rider) is on a mission to ride his motorbike across the Arctic Circle in every country possible, while raising money and awareness for causes close to his heart."

“It started in 2011 as a charity ride to the Arctic Circle that didn’t really go to plan, and has become a near obsession with the Arctic, an obsession with riding a motorbike, and an obsession helping organisations who help others” - Traverse Magazine, November 2017.

To date, Gordon has raised over £13,000 for charities, ridden over 14,000 miles as part of the challenges.

Gordon is an Ambassador UK-brain injury charity Cerebra and global youth leader forum One Young World, and fundraiser for special care babies charity Tiny Lives. He is keen motorcyclist, writer, and film maker.

Day Twenty Eight - Homeward Bound

Day Twenty Seven - Back on home soil

Day Twenty Six - Can someone please turn the wind off?!

Day Twenty Five - Ich bin eine Berliner

Day Twenty Four - So long Vikings!!

Day Twenty Three - Goodbye Norway..hello Sweden

Day Twenty Two - Darling..can u pass me my matching cagoule please?

Day Twenty One - Please pass me that towel..

Day Twenty - A rolling stone gathers no Moss

Day Nineteen - Tuborg anyone?

Day Eighteen - Welcome to the Arctic

Day Seventeen - Where there's a will..there's a Norweigan!!

Day Sixteen - Anyone got a boat??

Day Fifteen - Stuck in the Mud

Day Fourteen - Half way through!!

Day Thirteen - A lunch of mystery meat

Day Twelve - Can anyone else smell hotdogs?!

Day Eleven - The Show goes on

Day Ten - still waiting

Day Nine - Eagle Shields Bay

Day Eight - The wait goes on

Day Seven - Stuck in the bay

Day Six - part deux..because sometimes the sequel is better.. ;)

Day 6 - Greetings from Sweden

Day Five - My Big fat Arctic Ride