Saturday, 30 January 2016

You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks

Welcome back to he latest edition of The Arctic Rider blog. 

It's my first (proper) blog of 2016 so I can officially say it's this year that I'm doing my Iron Butt challenge! Woohoo! While it's not as big an undertaking as my trip to the Arctic Circle in 2014, it's still going to be a mighty challenge but one that I am really looking forward to. 

It was Winston Churchill who said "You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks"...And like my Arctic Ride in 2014 I've managed to attract some unexpected negative responses...

 Only a few days ago at work I was chatting to a colleague about my Iron Butt ride and another colleague (who I don't know) butts in and queries  "Are you doing it on a peddle bike, like?" To which I truthfully replied "nope, motorcycle in less than 24 hours" "well how's that a challenge? People peddle it in a few days don't they?"  

Now I'm not a big cyclist, so I don't know how quickly the 875 miles could be covered, but in my mind I know I'm covering a lot of miles in a short space of time even though I'll have an engine helping me along. I'm putting my body under intense mental and physical strain in order to complete this challenge. The biggest motorcycling day I've ever done was from the Northern tip of Denmark to Central Netherlands (over 1,000kms) which by the end of that day I was absolutely knackered.... And that was all motorway. 

Enjoying a Coke after a 1,000km day - July 2014

Whilst I've not had a lot to blog about over the past few months I've been making good progress in the background and I've managed to secure a film maker by the name of Andy Qualtrough who has kindly offered to film my challenge to support Tiny Lives. Much like my Arctic Ride, I'm trying to open up as many avenues as possible to raise funds and awareness for Tiny Lives, and having footage of my trip is key to this. 

I've also had the annoying news that my bike, a Suzuki GSX650F, has a recall out against it for a stalling issue. Suzuki are recalling 68,000 bikes worldwide according to CNN. Many Suzuki models between 2008 and 2012 are affected so check out the CNN article for more info. Big thanks to my biker buddy Paul for sharing the news.

I'm now working really hard on getting my ride out there and my press release will soon be going out. Also I've already blogged about how companies can get their logo on the bike and sponsor my ride. Check out the Becoming A Sponsor of the Iron Butt challenge page.

Also, my sponsorship page is now open. Click here if you'd like to sponsor me. Any donations, now matter how big or small, are welcome.

Until next time...

Ride safe.


Saturday, 23 January 2016

Becoming a Sponsor of the Iron Butt challenge

The Arctic Rider - Becoming a Sponsor of the Iron Butt challenge

The Arctic Rider is an ongoing project of charity motorbike challenges by fundraiser Gordon Stuart.

Gordon is an Ambassador for special care babies charity Tiny Lives, UK-brain injury charity Cerebra, and global youth leader forum One Young World

Gordon on his departure to the Arctic - May 2014
Gordon combines his passion for motorbikes to help raise money and awareness for charities close to his heart (check out 'The Charities Page' for more info). This is done through setting himself motorbike related challenges and gaining sponsorship donations for completing them which go straight to the charity. Gordon uses social media including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as corporate sponsors to help raise the profile of his challenges.

"The Arctic Rider is all about a burning sense to do what is right, adventure, community, and raising a shed-load of cash for charity. Yes my challenges cost money to do, and sure I do enjoy them, but being able to combine my passion for motorbikes with raising money for charity its win win for me. My social media work and networking ensure that my adventures raise far more money than they cost meaning every penny donated goes to my charities" - Gordon Stuart

For his 'Arctic Ride 2014' challenge sponsors funded 50% of his costs to do the trip but for this year's Iron Butt Challenge Gordon is taking a different approach.

Gordon said "The costs of my Iron Butt are relatively small compared to my Arctic challenge in 2014, but I had such success attracting sponsors and the feedback from them was great, I still wanted to offer companies the opportunity to sponsor but with their sponsorship money going straight to Tiny Lives Trust."

Gordon is offering companies the chance to have their logo on The Arctic Rider motorbike, website, film, and in press coverage in exchange for £100 donated to Tiny Lives Trust via Gordon's Virgin Money Giving page.

In 2014 The Arctic Rider gained media coverage on BBC radio, The Evening Chronicle, Local radio, worldwide motorcycle media and more (click here to see more), had 60,000 views on his blog, in addition to a large social media span with over 1,900 followers on Twitter.

For his Iron Butt challenge 2016, Gordon has already gained support from Suzuki, and Devitt Insurance. 

For sponsorship opportunities contact Gordon at: or via social media. 

Click on '2016 Challenge' for information on Gordon's current adventure. 

Click on the 'Arctic Ride 2014' page to learn more about Gordon's last adventure.