"Gordon Stuart (AKA The Arctic Rider) is on a mission to ride his motorbike across the Arctic Circle in every country possible, while raising money and awareness for causes close to his heart."

“It started in 2011 as a charity ride to the Arctic Circle that didn’t really go to plan, and has become a near obsession with the Arctic, an obsession with riding a motorbike, and an obsession helping organisations who help others” - Traverse Magazine, November 2017.

To date, Gordon has raised over £13,000 for charities, ridden over 14,000 miles as part of the challenges.

Gordon is an Ambassador UK-brain injury charity Cerebra and global youth leader forum One Young World, and fundraiser for special care babies charity Tiny Lives. He is keen motorcyclist, writer, and film maker.

Arctic Ride 2020

Hi all,

Welcome back to The Arctic Rider blog.

Its a been a super long time since I've posted on here, over a year in fact since back in November 2018! For those of you who follow my social media pages (search 'The Arctic Rider' on most platforms and you'll find me), you'll notice I'm still riding around the North of England, and spent time cutting my Iceland trip into a 4 part YouTube series (click here if you've not had the pleasure yet). I've also been doing a lot of running and trying to keep my 'Dad-bod' away, as well as hanging with my clan (aka Wife and Kids).

Even though I've not been as active blogging, I am in the build up to my next trip. Not a day goes by, I mean that literally, when I'm not thinking about my next Arctic adventure. I'm actually obsessed. I've been doing my best to save money for a new bike too, as discussed in my last blog, have a more appropriate steed for some of the roads I'll face regardless of the trip I take on next, and this is a big factor about when I can afford to go on another adventure. In summary though, I'd planned to do my next trip in 2020 which is now this year... gulp!

The main reason I've been less active is that my little boy Hugo has spent far too much time in hospital in 2019 and my main focus has been to support him to get better. Hugo, like my daughter Islay in 2014, was born prematurely, which is why The Arctic Rider project continues to support the charity Tiny Lives, who help premature babies in my home town of Newcastle. My kids, along with my little bro Robbie, are my inspiration to keep on with The Arctic Rider project to help raise money for some great causes!

Junior Arctic Rider and The Arctic Rider 
2020 plans

As hopefully you know by now I'm on a mission to motorbike across the Arctic Circle in every country possible. Of the 8 countries to do, so far I've done Norway (2014) and Iceland (2018). I've been torn about what ride I go for next.

After a lot of planning, thinking, and deliberation I can confirm that in 2020 I'll be heading too.....


I'm so excited to finally announce what will be my 4th Arctic Ride.

I thought long and hard about which trip to take on. Whilst I would love to get myself across to North America and take on Arctic Alaska, Arctic Canada, or both, the continued logistical issues around UK riders getting insurance in North America is proving very problematic (see my update from June 2018 about this which caused me to cancel my 2018 trip to Alaska). Secondly, with my sons continuing health problems, setting a defined date to be away from my family for 3+ weeks is difficult and costly (cancelling of flights, motorcycle rental etc..) even with travel insurance. Travelling to Russia will see me have to book only a few ferries at low cost which are much easier and cheaper to rearrange if needed.

So there you have it. The next ride is confirmed. Please watch out for future blogs and posts where I'll provide more detail on dates, routes, bike, planning, the charities and much much more!

Peace out and ride safe.



  1. That's great news 👍.... That sounds like an excellent trip, I look forward to seeing your new bike and vlogs.... All the best Gordon
    John Tinkler

    1. Thanks John. I appreciate your support, as always. I'll do my best to share lots of content.


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