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Brewer rumbling again...

Good morning all,

Once again I, Kirsty, have taken the blogger reigns from hubby Gordon to express some more thoughts on the latest development with Colin Brewer.

If you haven't read the previous two blog posts about this, they are here:

8th May 2013 -

13thMay 2013 -

The first one explains what we are discussing here and the second is an update on more recent events involving Brewer. It seemed that after saying those now famous words 'all disabled children should be put down' he then went on to compare them to 'deformed lambs' justifying his words.

I know from everyone that I speak to about this issue that it is outraging a lot of people and the last I had heard he was 'off sick' and the Council were waiting to speak to him. They were also saying that they have no powers to sack him and can only recommend that he apologises, which he did for his previous comments. An apology, which was, by no stretch of the imagination, genuine or sincere.

I realised that I hadn't heard anything more recently about this issue and so asked Gordon to put some feelers out on twitter. It appears that the situation was stuck, waiting for him to come back from being 'off sick.' This angered me as it seems that he is very much in control of the situation. I am glad to hear that the police are investigating but it seems that they are trying to find a crime to fit the act and not the other way around.

I do not think that it is fair or justified to not have sufficient protection for disabled or vulnerable people, whether they are children or adults. We, as a country have made great, positive strides to punish those who attack people due to their race but it seems that disability has been left trailing behind, with the hope, perhaps, that people just 'wouldnt go there.'

Unfortunately, someone did.. Brewer..and now it seems that no-one was prepared for it and so cannot do anything about it. I am, probably with my lawyer head on, trying to find out exactly what the law is and why nothing can be done. If anyone has any clear answers to this, please let me know as I would be very grateful to hear them.

Now, whilst casually looking through twitter last night, I came across a YouTube video someone had posted or RT'd from someone else. I clicked on it and low and behold... its Brewer talking to some parents/protesters outside of a council building. Please all watch and share this video. I do not know the people who took this video but if you do, I would love to be put in contact with them.

Bear in mind that this video was made outside with possibly a phone so its best heard with earphones in if you have them :)

Now, to say that this video made my blood boil is an under statement. Not only does he look down on the mother who is telling him that his son fears for his brothers life in case the 'nasty man comes to get him,' he also has no answers for any of the allegations. He made spurious claims about 'representing someone else's views' and 'taking the flack for someone else.' Now, I thought that he may well be spineless but this just proves it. He has also come up with a whole new reason for making of the original comment..Its disgusting and I know that people have been trying to protest and speak to the Council and even spoken to 10 Downing Street about it. I wonder, has anyone made a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman? They deal with complaints once the councils procedures have been exhausted and I wonder if enough people made a complaint that they would investigate.

The last e-petition received in excess of 7,500 signatures but is not available to sign as it is closed. I have made another e-petition which is being reviewed at the moment and when it is available, I will make another blog post with the link :)

I think that's it for now... let me know if you have any further information or comments on the above and I will keep u in the loop.

Kirsty (Wife of @arcticride2014)


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