"Gordon Stuart (AKA The Arctic Rider) is on a mission to ride his motorbike across the Arctic Circle in every country possible, while raising money and awareness for causes close to his heart."

“It started in 2011 as a charity ride to the Arctic Circle that didn’t really go to plan, and has become a near obsession with the Arctic, an obsession with riding a motorbike, and an obsession helping organisations who help others” - Traverse Magazine, November 2017.

To date, Gordon has raised over £13,000 for charities, ridden over 14,000 miles as part of the challenges.

Gordon is an Ambassador UK-brain injury charity Cerebra and global youth leader forum One Young World, and fundraiser for special care babies charity Tiny Lives. He is keen motorcyclist, writer, and film maker.

Day 16 - Mosjeon to Trondheim

Hello there,

Welcome to Day 16 of my Arctic Ride blog.

Even though I've now pretty much lost track of what day of the week it is in my mind, my body certainly hasn't forgotten as I slept in today. I had woken up at 7am ready for another big day but I pressed fateful zoom button, or so I though. I awoke at 9.51 confused, hungry, and boiling in my tent.

I soon shot into action, munching on a brunch bar for breakfast followed by some Arctic water (it was still in my camel back from yesterday's full up in the Arctic).

I then headed into town for some petrol before hitting the road ready for Trondheim, another 500km awaiting me.

The roads were again delightful but the scenery was more woodland / forest like, with a hint of pine fresh in the air.,. Which reminded me on the days cleaning the heads (toilets) in the navy... Those were the days.. Haha.

Having got up late I really went for it on the roads only stopping once for fuel and a bite to eat. Although by the time I had got to Trondheim my arse and wrists were very sore.

For most of the day the sun was out AGAIN which made riding perfect (except for those flies to the face).

For those of you who were able to browse yesterday's blog (if you haven't, give it a read) I was having food related issues (having none) and the shops being shut due to public holiday weekend in Norway. 

Luckily I got a telegram from one of my Norweigen informers telling me that even though seemingly the whole country had shut down, that I could get lunch at some petrol stations, and a supermarket chain, Joker, would have a store open in Trondheim until 9pm tonight

With task one of getting to Trondheim before 9pm complete (I arrived fashionably early at 6pm) Task two was to find the shop without GPS but with an address and map :) the huntwas on. 

I turned The GordNav on (well known for being good with general directions on the open road but terrible in city centres) and started hunting. Firstly, I thought, I go find a car park, park up the bike and head off on foot... BAD MOVE. I followed the signs to a city car park, started riding down a curved ramp into it to find it was shut... Balls. So then spent 3 minutes trying to turn the bike around on a steep incline that seemed no wider than a catflap... In 25 degrees of sun wearing leathers.. Aye exactly.

I then drove around the one way system in town before finding and information point and locating the street then driving there via several wrong turns again down to the one way system.

Finally I found Joker. And what a joker he was... Not only was he hiding on a back street in a residential area but he was also having a joke with the prices too. I'll not go into the details but lets just say I spent more on what I would call a small shop than I spent on my last ticket to. Newcastle United game (£25). At least I've got food now!

And tonight I'm lucky enough to have a bed for the night after my buddy Lars  said I could stay.

Tomorrow I head West towards Molde and the famous Norweigen roads; Atlantic Road, Trollstigen pass, before a visit To a Fjord or two :)

Apologies about the lack of pictures. My iPhone is full but tomorrow I'll use my other iPhone n blog from there :)

A few people have asked now about how the bike has been etc. so I'm going to do a full blog when I get home about the technical side of the bike for those of that persuasion.

Ride safe.



  1. Molde, home of Norwegian footballs finest... Ground is right next to the water. Good viewpoint in park not far from town centre. Weather looks great... They must be saving all the rain for Gary's trip

    1. Cheers for the tip Bob! I had a peak at Roseborg's ground on Trondheim and the Tromso stadium so I might as well check Molde out. As for the weather... Let's hope so, haha


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