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Colin Brewer - and so the battle continues..

Good morning everyone,

Gordon is at work today and so I, Kirsty, his wife have taken over this blog for the morning to share some important news.

Just as you thought that the man that is Colin Brewer couldn't do anything worse..he goes and does it again. In our last blog we spoke about how there was a protest at the Council buildings which was successful and a meeting had been set up with Colin to allow him to hear from the campaigners and the Council. However, he was 'signed off' and so could not attend this meeting.

However, an article has now been published in the Huffington Post to say that he has now compared disabled children to disformed lambs. I was astounded to see that a man who has been so heavily criticised by the community and beyond already has now gone even further, confirming that he is not sorry for previous comments and appears to have no remorse. In the article he is concerned that he has appeared to be an 'ogre' but then goes on to state that when farmers put down lambs who are deformed or 'mishapen' they are killed. He goes into a lot of detail in this article and personally it makes for an uncomfortable read. If you would like to read the article, here it is: 

There is NO justicication for EVER 'putting a disabled child down.' This view is just so shocking and for him now to go further, something I did not think was possible is just simply unbelievable.

He needs to remember that, yes the Human Rights Act article 10, in this country allows us freedom of speech and this is what he may well try and argue. However, it also gives us article 14, no discrimination which states that:

'...Discrimination occurs when a public authority, for no objective or reasonable reason: treats a person less favourably than others in similar situations on the basis of a particular characteristic..'

Article 8, the right to private and family life, article 3, no torture, inhuman or degrading treatment and finally, and most importantly, article 2, the right to LIFE. This right is not qualified and so applies to ALL. There are no exceptions. Brewer in his views is flouting these fundamental rights that we all have as humans. On top of this is our home legislation such as the Disability Discrimation Act and the Equality Act. (can you tell I am a lawyer)

As I have no knowledge, I do not want to comment on the rights animals have or how this differs to our own and I think that Brewer also needs to consider that.

It is and has to be, in my opinion, fundamentally wrong for someone with these views to remain in a position of power and be allowed to make decisions for the well being of others. Action needs to be taken. I have read some comments about physical action which some wish to take and I DO NOT agree with this. I believe that he should be removed from power and that is all. My concern is not with him as a person but with the children and families who may or will suffer as a result of his position.

I do not live in Cornwall and so if anyone has any updates on this situation please get in contact and let me or Gordon know (@arcticride2014)


Kirsty (wife of ArcticRide)


  1. Thannk you so much Kirsty. This is wonderfully written. I recently attended the disability abortion law Inquiry in westminster that states that termination is permissible up to 24 weeks, unless the baby has a disability and then it is up to and including during birth. We were fighting for this to be changed.
    Brewer clearly hails from the era when this law was first passed.
    Thank you for sharing your voice and joining our protest. I feel bolstered by your support.
    H x

  2. Other than the obvious, being a humane being, You'd think these logical and legal arguments would have crossed his mind...
    Well spoken and I hope your voice carries.


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