"Gordon Stuart (AKA The Arctic Rider) is on a mission to ride his motorbike across the Arctic Circle in every country possible, while raising money and awareness for causes close to his heart."

“It started in 2011 as a charity ride to the Arctic Circle that didn’t really go to plan, and has become a near obsession with the Arctic, an obsession with riding a motorbike, and an obsession helping organisations who help others” - Traverse Magazine, November 2017.

To date, Gordon has raised over £13,000 for charities, ridden over 14,000 miles as part of the challenges.

Gordon is an Ambassador UK-brain injury charity Cerebra and global youth leader forum One Young World, and fundraiser for special care babies charity Tiny Lives. He is keen motorcyclist, writer, and film maker.

This time next year.. Day 5

Hi all,

So..this time next year it will be Day 5 of Arctic Ride 2014. If you haven't read where I will be for the previous days, please check out my other blog posts and if you would like to see my full route..please click on this link.. There is also a wee video you can watch to give you more info. I have also been working on an interactive map to make it even more fun...if that's possible..ha ha

So.. as in the previous blog 5 sees me in Ski, Norway.. a town near to Oslo. When I was here during Arctic Ride 2011, I stayed the night at my friends house, Hans and, as said before I am hoping I am able to do this again. Also, on my way back, I had a few rest days in Oslo and Moss and my wife, then Fiancee was able to come out to see me and we spent a few days being tourists and being ripped off in the process.

I do love Scandinavia but compared to the prices in the UK, it can be a bit scary. She's not too keen on being on the back of the bike..not because of my riding skills I must add..I just don't think she has it in her blood like me...but I layered her up in 6 layers of warm clothes and protective gear and as it was raining she also wore my waterproof suit..

I am not sure if we will be able to do this again next year and I think it is dependant on how I am getting on with my route.

Day 5 of my trip next year is set at the moment for a 'rest day.' I have scheduled three days in the trip in total and this is for 'just in case.' I am hoping that all will go well with my trip but, as last time I was delayed for 5 days, its important to make sure that I have sufficient time to complete my ride. If I am behind for any reason, I will use this day to travel. I also want to make sure that I have time to update everyone back home and here about my progress and upload some videos. :)

Talking of I have no fun facts for you today..I thought I would share with you a You Tube Video of the recording of my interview on BBC Newcastle which was aired on 25th May 2013. If you don't know what I am talking about.. here is this week's #blogsunday chatting about it and other updates for this week: and here is the video for you to enjoy:

This and all other media coverage can be found here: if you would like to read some more. Day 5 of my trip is a rest day if all goes to plan and if you want to know where Day 6 will take me, please check back in tomorrow for more.. I'm getting closer to the Arctic Circle and my destination :)

If you would like to sponsor me on my endurance adventure, please go to

Until tomorrow,

Ride Safe,



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